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Situation: Company was in need to determine ideas for disease area identification, perform a preliminary assessment of the biological feasibility, competitive intelligence risk assessment and strategic clinical development plan using their novel technology.
Activity: Working directly with the internal R&D team, we performed a robust independent literature review focusing on molecules of interest and identified disease areas and specific diseases where the biological feasibility and company strategic directions align. A clinical trial pipeline analysis was performed to determine what we can learn from success and failures in the clinic.  We also provided a rough estimate of total commercial potential and preliminary assessment of the clinical development feasibility. Our collated research and analytic processes, provided deep insights on clinical, biological, and competitive risk and presented to internal stakeholders for considerations.
Result: We identified a total of 10 indications and associated antigens that had the least biological and clinical development risk for further investigation for further investigation into commercial potential.  One antigen/disease indication that was identified is now in Phase 1 clinical development pipeline.