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Cancer Organoid News, March 2020

Updated: Mar 2

Organoid Job Opportunities

Scientific Manager (Screening Group Lead), Translational Genomics, Genentech, San Francisco, California, USA

Senior Scientist, Prostate Cancer, InVitro Cell Research, Greater New York City Area, New York, USA

Postdoctoral Scientist, Lee Lab, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C., USA

Postdoctoral Associate, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, Massachussetts, USA

Research Technologist, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Cancer Organoid Research

How organoids are helping in the quest for new treatments for gastrointestinal cancer.

Immunofluorescent image of small intestine organoids by Abhimanu Pandey.

3D bioreactor allows scientists to culture tumor cells for prelinical cancer research.

Patient-derived cell lines, organoids and xenografts all have their role to play in preclinical liver cancer research.

A summary of how scientists can exploit all tools - cancer organoids, liquid biopsies, microraft arrays (MRAs) and high-content screening (HCS) etc - to develop new cancer therapies.

Modeling the most common pediatric brain cancer, medulloblastoma, with human cerebellar organoids.

Organoid profiling predicts improved treatment responses for pancreatic cancer patients.

Image shows a histological section of a liver adenocarcinoma.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

ESMO Targeted Anticancer Therapies Congress 2020, Paris, 2-4 March.

Image sourced from esmo.org.

2D-to-3D Culture and Organoids, March 25-26, Boston, USA.

Image sourced from selectbiosciences.com.

March is also National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Image sourced from ccalliance.org.

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