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Tumor Immunology Weekly News, January 20, 2020

Updated: Feb 1

Funding Opportunities

Submissions open Jan 21 for SITC 2020 Fellowships, including the SITC-Genentech Women in Cancer Immunotherapy Fellowship.

Scientific Discoveries

Scientists at Boston University develop mesenchyme-free intestinal organoids from human iPSCs.

Image from CReM.

Intestine-chip populated with organoids performs better than organoids alone in preclinical testing.

Image by Emulate Inc.

Osteopontin-responsive Lgr5-CD44+ cells could be new targets for gastroesophageal cancer, according to Cornell study.

Image by the Nitikin Lab sourced from Cornell News.

New Science article showed selective ablation of PD-1 in myeloid cells was just as effective at limiting tumor growth as global deletion of PD-1.

Image sourced from Wikipedia.

New Organoid Research Facilities

WFORCE is a new organoid research center at the Wake Forest School of Medicine - focusing on personalized medicine, rare tumors and adaptive immunity.

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